Wednesday, June 8, 2016

I Am Reminded...

As I approach the UNDER FIFTY DAY mark till Ironman Lake Placid 2016... I am reminded why I have taken on this journey! This journey is ALL ABOUT ME and nobody else! I am reminded of what happened in 2010... nutrition was sour on the bike and I blacked out and crashed out at mile 110.. ending my day! With that in mind... I have worked on my nutrition greatly and have a plan for the bike that has gotten me through several long rides! I am reminded that I have a triathlon family... a big one indeed... there are so many members that I don't know everyone's names! I am reminded that this is FUN... just like on March 13, 2004 when I first took the plunge at the Athens Texas Triathlon! I had a blast... I wanted to continue doing it! During the last monster training mile days and the day of... when the tough gets going... I need to remind myself why I am swimming... cycling... and running my way to the Olympic Oval in Lake Placid New York! No Matter What... I Am Reminded!

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