Friday, June 24, 2016

Getting Real People... It's Getting Real...

Today...June 24 2016... Marks exactly one month until the Big Day in Lake Placid New York! Bib aka Race Numbers were posted yesterday on the Ironman Lake Placid website yesterday! I was going to wait until after my 120/20 epic weekend with the Zs but since I ordered my TriTats for race day I might as well just spill the beans! My Bib Number for Ironman Lake Placid is 868! Don't know the significance of the number yet but if someone could tell me how you can make an 8 a 6 and an 8 equal the number 4... let me know! It's getting real... it really is! I feel like it was just yesterday that I signed up to go back to one of my most favorite places again and now... it's just around the corner! I'm going to enjoy every single gosh dang moment that I have left of my training! Tomorrow is a 120 mile bike ride with the Zs... then on Sunday is a 20 mile run with the Zs! This weekend will definitely test my nutrition... my mindset... and for me my love for the swim bike and run!

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