Sunday, May 15, 2016

Just Focusing on the Training and Miles...

Don't know and don't want know how many days till Ironman Lake Placid simply because I want to and need to focus on my training! I am part of a few Ironman Lake Placid groups on Facebook and recently there has been so much hype with how many days till RACE DAY! I honestly don't enjoy seeing these posts but they are always popping up! I get the counting down but there's still so much training to be done! Speaking of training... I've been keeping up.. mostly! I've done the swim yardage/meterage and the bike mileage but the run mileage has been suffering... um... quite a bit! My LONGEST run has been twelve when it should be at sixteen! I'll get a fourteen or fifteen in sometime this week... so I'm ready for the eighteen memorial day weekend with Team Z! I love the long training and forgot so much how much I really love spending hours... especially cycling and running! As long as I have a buddy I am good to go! This week is a recovery week so I'm NOT thrilled about short training days but I know of all importance it's very important to do so!

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