Saturday, April 30, 2016

I Will Get Er Done No Matter What...

I haven't seen the May Ironman Lake Placid Training Plans for Team Z yet but I looked at the Weekend Workout Schedule and have seen the numbers on both cycle and run distances! This weekend is a recovery weekend and thankfully it is because I am guiding one of my blind team mates, Kevin, on the 5k run portion of the Rev3 Westfield's Triathlon in Chantilly VA! But next weekend I will find my Courage and Strength when I do my FIRST of who knows how many triple digit mile bike rides with the team and high double digit runs with the team! I have 100 miles on the bike in Culpeper on Saturday and a 16 mile run in Vienna on Sunday! From now on it DOESNT MATTER what the weather, I gotta get out and get er done! I am also looking at the weather for next week because it's also really important to get those shorter rides and runs in as well! The weather looks okish but not great! Well... it doesn't matter because I'm getting out on Monday for a run... Tuesday for a bike... Wednesday for a run... and Thursday for a bike NO MATTER WHAT! Hey, that should be my new motto from now on for my training... I WILL GET ER DONE NO MATTER WHAT!

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cpcatalano said...

Hi Marci!
I couldnt find your email in the directory so I wanted to comment here. Great job on saturday! It was fun to ride with you. Also we share the same birthday (if yours is May 18th) :)