Rock N Roll DC Marathon In The Books

I am so happy to be done and have my 14th marathon in the books! Whoever said running a marathon was easy... well I haven't heard anyone say it's easy! Rock N Roll DC has been by far my most challenging marathon to date... But I was determined to get to the finish line and I did! Without the support of my Team Z coach and friends... My awesome twin sister and dad... and the elusive finisher medal and jacket... I may have not made it! More about the actualities of the marathon in a later post! During the course of five and almost half hours I dug deep down and realized my potential... even if it was my slowest marathon time to date! I was grateful for the camaraderie on the course from complete strangers who turned into brothers and sisters that day! But regardless... I got to the finish in tears of happiness... joy... pain... and relief! I am a FOURTEEN Time Marathon Finisher!


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