Sunday, December 27, 2015

Gorgeous Saturday Morning Run...

Not just was it that... it was also the first time I ran a run and hit the DOUBLE DIGITS since September when I did Patriots Half Iron in Williamsburg! I met my fellow Zers at Fletcher's Boat House in DC on a overcast morning! Because of the holidays there were not too many of us... only a handful really! I was only supposed to run 6 miles because it was a recovery week but since I had missed the past two weekends of long runs due to (a) being sick and (b) being down in Richmond... I knew I had to run 10 miles because next weekend I have to run 12 miles! I started out with three other Zers; one was running 6... the other 10... the other 16! We first went uphill to Bethesda which was about 5 miles! The Zer running 6 miles split off from us at 3 miles and turned around! I stayed with the other two Zers until the bridge over River Road where we only had a mile till Bethesda! From there I was on my own the rest of the way up and the whole way back down! I could have caught up with them most likely but I had to stop at the Barnes and Noble to get some water! That last mile up and the first mile down its crowded with cyclists... runners... walkers... and those out with their dogs since it's in Bethesda! That's good for one reason... the Aggressive Owl that lives at the top end! I'm always aware up at that end because I DON'T want to be attacked... unlike one of my good friends who was a few weeks ago! Anyways... the run back down to Fletcher's was lonely once I went over the bridge at River Road but all in all a fabulous long run averaging just under 10:15 minute per mile! I'm confident that by March 12... I can be where I want to be! Now off to spin with the Zers in Fairfax! Only 76 Days will Rock N Roll DC 26.2!

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