Wednesday, October 28, 2015

The Long Road...

Yep... Still got Eight Months Three Weeks and Five Days! I have to now take a step back and think about what to do in this long time period! Yes... I can't wait until I get back to Placid... but I have ALOT of training ahead of me! I also have some racing ahead of me! Before Placid I plan on running the Country Road Run 5 Miler in Olney and the Rock n Roll DC Marathon in DC! Then of course there will be a many days of swimming for at least and hour and thirty minutes straight in the pool... sitting on the saddle and pedaling for up to maybe seven hours... and running for who knows how many hours! But I can do this and I have to realize its a long road ahead! I'm anxious... I'm excited... I want to smile... I want to cry... But whatever I do... the journey that stands ahead of me will be AMAZING! So lets do... this long road ahead... one stroke one pedal and one stride at a time!

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