Tuesday, October 13, 2015


As I think about it Ironman Lake Placid DOES NOT seem possible! As much as I know IT IS my mind get blocked that it won't! I'm confident that my abilities and background and training will lead me to a fantastic swim! I'm confident that as I work on my running form and speed it will be there and I will train hills like a mad women I'll be fine! But after my 30ish mile bike ride on Sunday I'm frustrated! I'm frustrated that I won't be ready and I'll have a hard time make the it on the distance and well the nutrition! My ride Sunday was one where I shed tears more than I should have and I wanted to give up especially on Libby Hill and 23rd Street in downtown Richmond! But my wonderful boyfriend told me I Could Do It and I did! Both Libby Hill and 23rd Street are steep cobblestone up hills! I now a hate relationship with those hills but I showed them who was boss! So sometimes I think Lake Placid will not be possible but with hard work I know I will get to toe the start line and get to the speed skating oval finish!

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