Saturday, October 3, 2015

Not So Easy... Part Two... EMOTIONALLY

The road to Ironman Lake Placid 2016 will not be an easy one.. Emotionally! Emotionally... I can do it... I've done it before... I can do it again! The thing is...I can make myself emotional at any moment JUST BECAUSE! During my training for my first Ironman in Coeur d' Alene Idaho in 2008... I was easily able to make myself cry... either when I felt accomplished or disappointed beyond disbelief! I know during my training which... well... has already started! I have already had both good days and bad days! But whatever kind of days I have, I can't let my emotions get to me too much! I really want to save my emotions for race day on July 24 2016! I'm a little embarrassed to say this out loud... but I've already had two emotional meltdowns... one on a short bike and one on a short run! I can't imagine what could happen to my emotions on a long training day... yet on a long day of racing! I will come up with tools for my toolbox to help me keep these emotions under control!

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