Not So Easy... Part One... PHYSICALLY

The road to Ironman Lake Placid 2016 will not be an easy one.. Physically! Physically... I can do it... I've it before! To be able to do this physically I have to change my body.. How it looks and how I feel about how my body looks! Right now i'm hovering below 140 lbs... but by race day next year... I'd like to be down to 125 lbs... Totally doable! In order to achieve this though I have to continuously fuel my body correctly and journal EXACTLY what I eat precisely as it is! There's No Way around it! With 301 days to go till the race... I have to be honest in my food journal! It will be used in the not so far future when I see a sports nutritionist so she can help me get my nutrition on target! I've been keeping the food journal for a good week or so now and am not so happy with what I've been eating! So... I need to change it! Physically... by July 24 2016... I want to be in Bad Ass Shape and Beast Mode! But I have to start somewhere... and that somewhere is NOW! I have to be patient with the physical aspect of getting ready for Lake Placid! I CAN and I WILL do this! Let's Get Er Going!


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