Monday, March 9, 2015

Five Days To Go and What I Want...

Until Rock n Roll DC 26.2! Yesterday... even with a super speedy run compared to what I'm used to doing last longish run on Beach Drive... I got worried and went stir crazy about my fears and worries of the upcoming 26.2! The Cut Off Time is 5 hrs and 30 mins! The longest its ever taken me to run a marathon... 4 hrs 59 mins 26 secs which was after 2.4 miles of swimming and 112 miles of cycling! The longest its taken me just to run a flat out marathon... nothing before it... 4 hrs and 44 mins at Richmond 26.2 in November of 2013... also my last 26.2 ran! Honestly I can't go negative and let my mind go downhill this close to the big day! As much as I want everyone to be impressed... mostly of which are my new Team Zers... I want everyone to be impressed... especially because this is my first 26.2 since 2013 due to an injury in 2014! I don't really care about me but I want those who will be down there cheering me on to embrace my finish when I make it the finish line! I already know its not going to be an easy 26.2... I mean when is a 26.2 easy? But right now I have to keep busy and keep my mind off Saturday and focus on today!

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