Fears of DC RnR 26.2

The countdown is now at 24 days till ill running my FIRST marathon since November 2013 which was in Richmond VA!  Being out all of 2014 has made the DC RnR 26.2 bring back the fears and worries of my first ever marathon which was in 2006 at the Dallas (TX) White Rock Marathon! I had fears of not finishing... I had fears of not hitting a reasonable time goal... I had fears of letting myself down... I had fears of not being accepted by my friends, family, and teammates if I didn't hit a certain time standard that I set for myself! It's now about 8 1/2 years since White Rock and 12 26.2s later! I have the same fears of failure and acceptance if I don't finish in a reasonable time! But I know... I know... I know... That as long as I finish in the 5 1/2 hrs given and collect my finisher bling (medal) and finisher swag (jacket) EVERYONE around me will be proud of coming back and finishing a journey that is not so easy to do! My mind is in a time of playing tricks on me! Whoever may read this... Whether you know me very well or very little... I need some words of encouragement as I head into a 20 mile run weekend and get so much closer to race day! Here We Go! Needing To Embrace It!


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