Can You Say Near Personal Bests????

This past weekend I swim in my first masters swim meet of the season in Annapolis, Maryland! I've never been so psyched for swim meet... both before...during... and after! I've also never had such a great swim meet with such great swims. I swam all my events for time but swam to the BEST of my abilities! I swam near personal best times in the 400 Individual Medley (6 min 40 sec)... 50 Bresastroke (48 sec).. and the 500 Freestyle (7 min 38 sec)! I have a video of my 50 Breaststoke that my twinster took... she swam the 400 Individual Medley... the 50 Butterfly... and the 200 Freestyle! So i'll put that up when I download it to either Facebook or Youtube! That's all for now! Here We Go!


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