2014 Montgomery County Road Runners Club Race Series Race Schedule

Yay... I'm back... and I'm (KINDA) ready to run! So far this season hasn't proved to be anything special with Shooting Starr and Country Road Run out of the way but I see change son the way! But here is my projected schedule for the road runners club race series! 2014 Championship Series Race Schedule 01.11 Shooting Starr 6k 02.02 Country Road Run 5 Miler 03.30 Piece of Cake 05.03 Capital for a Day... Brookville 5k 07.11 Midsummer Night's Mile Track Meet 08.09 Going Green Two Mile Track Meet 08.23 Eastern County 8k 10.04 Matthew Henson Trail 5k 11.29 Turkey Burnoff 10 Miler 12.14 Jingle Bell Jog 8k 2014 Cross Country Series Race Schedule 05.11 Run Aware 06.13 Run with the June Bugs 5k 07.05 Little Bennet 10k 08.16 Comus Run 5k 10.26 Cross-Country on the Farm 5k 12.07 Seneca Slopes 8k


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