Sunday, December 9, 2012

This Goes Out to SportsPlus...

I don't mean to brag or anything... but did I ever tell you that I coach for the most amazing non profit out there? The non profit is called SportsPlus, Inc. They are based out of Gaithersburg and provide sports, swim, camp, social activities for children and young adults with Autism and other developmental disabilities... as well as the siblings! I can't tell you how HONORED I am to coach these kiddos both on land and in the water... I tell ya... some of those kiddos are gonna make AWESOME triathletes one day :) Yesterday was the big party and celebration for SportsPlus... their 4th Annual Swim Meet and FUNdraiser! The basics of how it works... their is a silent auction... food... a DJ... oh yeah and a swim meet! The swim meet consist of events ranging from free and backstroke events... to sibling and kid/coaches relays... to inner tube swim events! I was in the pool the whole time... helping the kiddos in my lane that needed some extra assistance... screaming my head off for all the kiddos (did I mention I love every single one of them)... and well swim up and down the lane as the kiddos swam their events! Honestly... I wish that the swim meets I experienced from a little kid to high school had been that fun! I was lucky... the twinster and dad both came to the swim meet to support the kiddos and SportsPlus! Well the twinster got suckered into volunteering (thanks to me) and dad stood by the edge of the pool cheering the kiddos on! I thank both of them for coming out... because (a)they hear about the kiddos I work with nonstop and (b)they both think that what the basis of SportsPlus is so wonderful for these kiddos and their families! I want to take this last part of the post to talk a little bit about the two awesome people who started SportsPlus! Here is picture of me with them after the swim meet(I'm on the left... Tom is stuck in the middle... and Natalie is on the right)
I can't thank either of them enough for bringing me on as a coach! I have had the most wonderful and most uplifting experience working with the kiddos that they started this program for! I know it's all about the kiddos... but WOW... it's because of them! They are two amazing people in my life now who I admire dearly for what they have brought to so many families in the area! Honestly... I'm sad to say today is the last day of SportsPlus for the kiddos and coaches for the year! I want to cry my head off because for a month I won't get to see these kiddos grow and inspire me like they have been doing for the past several months! So if anyone who is involved from SportsPlus reads this blog post... From deep down... This goes out to y'all! I have loved every moment of this meaningful work with y'all and can't wait until January and the new year!

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