Monday, October 15, 2012

Dear Triathlon Recovery Gods...

I ask in all hopes that you let me recover quicker than I have been from a week agos Rev3 Half Full 70 Triathlon! I need to recover so I can finish prepping for Nov 18ths Potomac River Run Marathon! I have a 16 miler later this week to get done! I am asking to gain my endurance and speed back! Yes... I care about the swim and bike as well! It's been torture in the pool lately! The most I've done in a weeks time... 1200 yards... Kinda pathetic if you ask me! I would love to be back up to 2000 by this weeks end! Oh yeah... The Bike... Hah! I only managed to do 15 miles at a 15.2 mile an hour average my legs were sluggish! Let me do at least a comfortable 25 miles at a 16 mile an hour average by next weekend! I know recovery after a long race takes time... But could you help me out a little bit! Thanks!


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