Friday, May 25, 2012

The Happiest Run on the PLANET

So I totally forgot with the excitement of Columbia Triathlon to tell y'all what I signed up a week ago! There is this run... not race... but 5k run called The Color Run! The main rule is you have to wear a white top because at each K you go through... you get sprayed with either Green, Blue, Purple, Yellow, or Pink powder... depending on the K! At the end you are basically this HUGE coloring book as I like to think of it! Anyways... both DC or shall I say National Harbor dates got filled... but I got in for October 21! It shall be a blast doing it and I can't wait! Yes... pictures will be posted shortly after the run... I promise!

Here we go...

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steelcityfox said...

Awesome, can't wait to see pictures! I really wanted to do one, since I will *hopefully* be in 5K form by the middle of summer, but they're all 3 hours from Pittsburgh. I did the little 'vote for your city online' thing, so cross your fingers we get one here too :)