Monday, May 14, 2012

Book Review... A Life Without Limits

So as y'all know I went to the A Life Without Limits book signing this weekend which officially kicked off Chrissie Wellington's whirlwind book tour in the states!

I had read A Life Without Limits a week or so before the signing! It seriously by all means is a must read!

In the memoir Chrissie captures her life before and during her time in the sport! All 13 Ironman races... All in which she WON are accounted for! I
Won't tell much more but if you dream of anything I encourage you to read it!

Here we go...


Lora Abernathy said...

Yeah, I so need to get that book.

SingingJo said...

I wanted to go sooo badly to the signing, but I didn't find out about it until I had already signed up to race ITU San Diego. My friend Sara went and got a book signed for me, but it's not the same. sigh.