Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Bonking Twice in a 10k

That's exactly what I did on Sunday at the 2012 Kaiser Permanente Pike's Peek 10k that runs from Shady Grove Metro down to White Flint Mall in Rockville Md! My race was going great up until mile 4 when I bonked the first time! I guess I had used all my energy at that point, so I took in a Gu Chomp and then two miles later at mile 6 of a 6.2 mile race I bonked again! At mile 6 there was nothing I could do, but try to sprint downhill to the finish line in front of White Flint Mall. Even with my double bonk I didn't do way to bad! After all, it's just one of a zillion races this year!
Time: 51:17 Minute Mile Average Pace: 8:16 Age Group Placing: 34 out of 203 Female Overall Placing: 234 out of 1445 Here we go...

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