Piece of Cake 10k

So I finally raced again! The Montgomery County Road Runners Piece of Cake 10k was a rough and tough race for me... But I ended up fairing quite well! This was by far NOT a PR race for me... But I raced smart and my results show that! The course is one I say that I'll never race again... But for some odd reason I keep going back! I think it was definitely the cake to celebrate MCRRCs 34th birthday that brought me back to Seneca Creek State Park to race! The course was filled with lots of rolling hills... which makes it a tough course! But anywhos here is how I faired...

10k Time- 52:33
Avg Min Mile Pace-8:28
1st out of 15 25-29 Gals
32nd out of 152 Gals Overall
160th out of 354 Overall

Not too shabby!

Here we go...


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