Sunday, March 18, 2012

Being Sedentary... But For GOOD Reasons

Today is my last day in Hollywood Fla... where I have spent the last two days reviewing and gaining knowledge on what it takes to become a Level 1 USA Triathlon Coach! It was two... long... sedentary days... but OMG... it was well worth it! I learned everything from how to build an effective Annual or Yearly Traning Plan (something I will use on my clients and myself)... to the mechanics of running (which I apparently did not know)... to underwater swim technique assessment (something I'm still working on)... to Mental Skills Training (something I've used very much since 2008 IM CDA)... and plenty more! The only thing now standing between me and actually becoming COACH is the 176 page Level 1 USAT Coaching Manual and the EXAM! Even though the manual is meant to be used on exam I will take the next two weeks to re go over things in the manual before I take my exam! It has truely been a WONDERFUL experience and I wouldn't change the past few days for anything!

Here we go...

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