Within the past five days I have WOWED myself... Mentally and Physically in my training! Every workout has been tough... But like always... I have pushed through and gotten her done!

Saturday was my first long run since right after Thanksgiving! I wrote out in my training plans that I would complete a long run! I followed through and ran 10 miles from the start of the Capital Crescent in Bethesda down to the Washington Monument on the National Mall! It was one heck of a windy day but I still managed to run under a 9:30 minute mile pace! I was super proud of myself for staying at a consistent pace throughout my run... But most of all for completing a long run!

Sunday called for a bike ride with Dad on the Columbia Triathlon bike course! There was a bit of wind and the day was on the crisp side... But man those hills... WOW... they were difficult and hilly! The major three climbs on the course ranged from short and steep to long and gradual! Somehow I managed my way up all them without wanting to give in at any point! The ride took almost 1hr 40 min and the average speed was only at 15 miles per hour... but WOW... I made it!

Monday wad a simple 2500 yard swim at the pool! Lots of 150s and 400s at a moderate pace... but it felt good to be in the water and work away the lactic acid in my legs from the weekend!

Yesterday was planned as an easy run with Pacers given we were running our CRAZY route with a zillion turns and hills... but WOW... was I in for a surprise! Not just did I put the hills in the dust... I helped push my group of gals that I ran with to a 8:31 minute mile pace average! I have to brag that these gals did an awesome job yesterday night keeping the pace nice and fast!

This morning I said I wasn't getting out of the pool till the whole workout of 4700 yards was complete... and WOW... that's what I did! Lots of long sets ranging from 300 to 800 yards... but I got her done! The intervals I set as the goal were a little to slow but with the extra rest I was able to push the pace... especially on the 800s! By the time I had reached 4000 yards my body... especially my upper body was aching... but I wouldn't give up!

Now all I need to do is get back on the bike tomorrow and hammer a little... and my week of training will be the best I've had in a long time!

Here we go...


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