Thursday, February 16, 2012

Having a BAD OFF Day...

My third week of twenty seven weeks training for National Harbor 70.3 kicked off pretty well... that is until Tuesday night rolled around! It was time to run with Pacers Running Stores of Silver Spring for our annual Valentines Day Fun Run! We had to wear whatever made us look most like cupid... to me that was called wearing pink or red! Well... I almost went out and got cupid wings to wear but I didn't have time for that between work and running... maybe that will be for next year! But anywho... I was already feeling exhaustion from a long not so good day of work! Running is usually one of the three good ways to come out of that exhaustion funk! Well it didn't work!

We were running our crazy Fenton-Ellsworth-Wayne-Collesvile-16th-Kalmis-Grubb-East West-16th-2nd-Spring-Woodland-Noyes-Colesville-Fenton route... see why we call it crazy? Anywho I made it to the start of the hills on East West and felt too exhausted to run so I stopped a few times to walk it out... thinking that would work... YEAH RIGHT! The hills of East West was the the third to last part of my run! Instead of turning back on the 16th... I crossed 16th and went straight to Colesville then to Fenton and was done! So instead of 5.7 miles I only did 3.93!

Lesson Learned... Its OK to have a BAD OFF Day every once in a blue moon1

Here we go...

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