Friday, February 24, 2012

Every Pedal... Every Stroke... Every Stride...

That's what mattered yesterday in my training! I had a threesome on the schedule and wasn't sure if I could pound all day... but I did... and feel very much accomplished amd very much sore to that same degree!

The day started out on the bike for almost 28ish miles of hammering into the wind! Sure most look at a total average of 17.3 as not so great but when it's all into the wind on interval work of periods of hard then easy... 17.3 turns out to be pretty good for a training ride! I could feel that my legs were saying STOP but mind was like NOT!

Later that afternoon was scheduled pool time at the gym... 3700 yards full of it! The workout called for a warm up of 150s pull and swim followed by 100s pull and kick! During the pull and swim especially... I could feel it in my arms but somehow the kick felt very relaxing! The main set called for a downward slope starting with 500s... going down to 250s... then to 125s! My arms still felt it... especially on the shorter distances. After that followed easy 150s pull and 100s kick! The cool down was a veyr easy 200 free with pull buoy! After my swim workout I had a just a little bit of time to get ready to run!

I ran with Pacers that night... being on the schedule of course! I was debating on whether or not I was gonna do an easy or hard run! My legs in the ended decided on an easy run which made the whole 5.43 miles endless! I decided to run with a few friends who run at a slower pace than I usually do... but in the end it turned out to be a good idea! Several times during the run... my legs had nothing and I had alot of catching up to do to get back with my friends! My run was pretty good at the end... averaging a 9:04 minute mile pace for the whole out and back trip out and back all in under 50 min!

To say the least... it was a GREAT training day! Yes I wore my Zensah compression sleeves to bed... but my legs really needed it! I'll definitely add more of these training type days once a month into my schedule!

Here we go...

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