Monday, February 6, 2012

2012 Goals Revisited...

Since I have started coaching myself and writing training plans for myself... well for what is on its second week... I've made some changes to my goals that I set earlier this year!

Swimmingwise... unless I am coming of a race of any distance and any type... workouts will no longer be any shorter than 3000 yards except Mondays which cant be less than 2000 yards! Even though my longest triathlon this season is a 70.3... I need to stick to a good base and keep it there!

Cyclingwise... one of my three rides a week is going to be spin class at my gym... it was somewaht painful but was fun and I think it will be really helpful! Also... instead of riding each bike each week... I will ride whichever bike fits my needs of my ride!

Runningwise... well the 50k will have to wait till 2013... if I ever really do it! Also... one run a week will be a tempoish run... even if it is the most painful run of the week!

Here we go...

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