2012 Goals... Part 3... Running

Last year was a HUGE year for running for me... so I thought I'd turn it down a notch for 2012!

*Only run at most 2 marathons this years... one possible marathon as part of an Ironman and the other one a definite marathon itself... I just don't know when and which one!

*Run my first 50k March 3rd... and become an ULTRAMARATHONER... this will be a first!

*Run at least 7 Montgomery County Road Runners Club Championship Series Road Races and 4 Montgomery County Road Runners Club Cross Country Races to qualify for awards in both series!

*Run a PR in the 5k... which means a 22:38 or faster... which equates to about a sub 7:27 minute mile pace... I'm gonna do it by seasons end!

*Hit the trails more and do less on the road... everyone says I'll enjoy running more this way!

Here we go...


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