2012 Goals... Part 2... Cycling

Next up in this mini series of goals are the ones for the bike!

*Last year I didn't really do that much on my bike... so expect ALOT this season!

*Ride the QRoo Kilo aka Zoom... once per week for a speed workout... most likely around Hains Point!

*Ride the Focus Cayo aka Speedy... once per week for in either Columbia or on Beach Drive for killer hill workouts!

*Ride with my dad once a week... since he hasn't really felt like riding by himself since my mom passed away!

*Ride the tandem once this summer to a Nationals game with Dad and park it in the bike valet... to honor mom... since mom and dad rode to the Nationals games on the Tandem all the time in the summer!

*Find new routes... so I'm not always riding the same place and the same route!

Up next... Running Goals for 2012!

Here we go...


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