2012 Goals... Part 1... Swimming

Now that it has been 2012 for nearly 5 days now... it's time to start sharing goals for the 2012 season! Instead of doing them all in one... i'm going to break it up into parts... the first one being swimming!

Though I have been swimming since the age of nine... and I'm not competing in meets... I still have goals I want to achieve!

*Stop becoming good friends with the wall on flipturns! If I somehow managed to achieve this my times would be a second or two faster... therefore I'd be happier!

*Kick more and harder on distances that are 200 yards or less! Again... if I managed to do this my times on those distances would be faster!

*Bilateral breathing is a must for any distance... main set... warm up... or cool down! I think this might help when it comes to open water swim triathlons... I never know if i'm going to be swimming clockwise or counter clockwise!

*Build a stronger upper body so I get more power and efficency out of my stroke! I'm working on this already by doing a little bit of strenght traning every other day of the week at the gym!

*To not swim any less than 1500 yards on any given day I swim! If I wanna do distance tris I gotta learn to keep the yardage up from the start of the new year!

*Swim three days a weeks! No ifs... ands... or buts!
Up next... cycling goals!

Here we go...


Lora Abernathy said…
Well, I might as well just copy your list because it's pretty darn near to where I need to be. Good luck.

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