Not Yet Final 2012 Race Schedule

So here is my not yet final 2012 race schedule! A few races are definitelies and some races are maybes!

Jan: Shooting Starr 4Miler
February: Country Road Run
March: Piece of Cake 10k, Seneca Creek Trail 50k
April: Pike's Peek 10k, Bethesda Triathlon
May: Capital For A Day 5k, Columbia Triathlon
June: Eagleman 70.3 Triathlon, Capital Crescent 5k
July: NOTHING YET (Tear)
August: Going Green Track Meet, Comus Cross Country 5k
September: Parks Half Marathon, ChesapeakeMan Triathlon
October: Cross Country On The Farm 5k, Black Hill Cross Country 10k
November: Rockville 10k, Candy Cane City 5k
December: Jingle Bell Jog 8k, Seneca Slopes Cross Country 8k

Now all I gotta do is find a race for July and I am set :)

Here we go...


Pschall said…
Lookin’ good! Ummmmm, you could try to weasel your way into a foundation spot for the Lake Placid Ironman?? haha

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