Thursday, October 13, 2011

It's Race Weekend...

Which means it's time for the 2011 Under Armour Baltimore Marathon! I've been waiting for so long for this race to come (a) because I'm ready to get marathon number ten in the books in what six years (b) ready to get marathon number four of this year in the books (c) ready to have my big races for the season over and done with and (d) just have something to be uber excited about!

Being marathon number ten in six years and number four just this year... my goals are not just to finish... instead to finish in rocking fashion and have a blast so I can remember this marathon like it was my first! I also have a time goal in mind... even though I just did an Ironman Distance Tri just three weeks ago! If I can run this marathon in under 4 hrs and 15 mins I will be the happiest person ALIVE!

Don't forget to go to the Baltimore Marathon website to register so you can track me as I trek through Baltimore on Saturday!

So Baltimore Marathon... if you there and can hear me... bring it... i'm so ready to rock you!

Here we go...

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