Is It Just Me...

Or is my training going super de duper FABULOUS? My workouts yesterday (Wednesday) involved an INTENSE 3500 yard swim followed by a BREATH TAKING 6 by 800s interval track workout!

My swim workout was as followed...
500 Free Warm Up Swim
2 by 250s Pull with Pull Buoy ONLY
2 by 150s Free No Free Free by 50
100 Easy Free
4 by 250s Free Build
1000 Pull with Paddles and Pull Buoy
100 Easy Free Cool Down Swim

Then a few hours later my track interval workout 6 by 800s times were as followed...
Note... all the 800s were done at a SUB 7 MIN MILE pace :)

Not too shabby at all...

What is on the calendar for me today... morning cardio and weights at LA Fitness then a 5 to 6 mile hopefully trail run after work!

Gosh... I love this training!

Here we go...


Pschall said…
Way to rock it! That’s a great day of training!!!

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