What's Working and What's Not Working Wednesday... I can't so NO!!!!

What's Working...

*This past Sunday I raced the MoCo Road Runners Capital Crescent Run 5k in Bethesda... was mostly a SUCCESS!

23:49... 2nd out of 10 in age group... 18th out of 144 for women... 108th out of 316overall... not to shabby!

*I've been swimming and cycling... building up the mileage for both!

What's Not Working...

*I can't get myself to say no to extra hours at Barnes and Noble!

Here's the deal... I'm taking two Sunday shifts in a row... which means the only day I'm NOT working is Friday!

Then yesterday I couldn't go to Kids After Hours because I said NO to working till 4pm!

Then today I couldn't say NO to working till 3pm... which means I will be LATE to Kids After Hours!

I gotta LEARN to say NO! Teach me y'all!

Here we go...


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