Sunday, March 27, 2011

Running Through History...

At the 2011 Suntrust National Marathon as I make my way down Constitution at around mile 17! Thanks Steve and Melissa for the shot!

What a race... official results aren't up yet... but as always I will share my Garmin Data with y'all! In my own thoughts the first 20 were great miles. The last supposedly 10k... but as you can tell from my Garmin the last 7.17 miles... sucked like crazy! And in the last mile... I had to walk parts of it... which sucked even more!

But overall... I'm HAPPY and PLEASED with a 4:23:08! Race report to come over the next few days as well as OFFICIAL RESULTS and PLACINGS!

Up Next... 7 weeks till Pittsburgh 26.2 and Marathon Number 8!

Here we go...


krystyna47 said...

What a great shot -- I love your green compression sleeves.
Also, congratulations, I can't believe you're heading into marathon number 8, crazy!! :D

Why said...

Great race report.. you got the marathon bug!! I love it.

Gotta Run,