Friday, February 4, 2011

Just Some Quick Things...

Sorry I haven't been on here alot y'all... life has gotten in the way! I have no time these days to sit down and blog... so here's a short list of whats been going on...

*Starting to send out cover letters and resumes to preschools... private preschools... and Montessori schools in the Dallas area. Haven't heard back from anyone yet but hopefully I will start hearing soon.

*Lets just say I'm glad I have Kids After Hours cause Barnes and Noble has made me cry... seriously it has. Too much change there that I can't handle it. On the other hand after working at blah and yuck Barnes and Noble I get to spend 3 1/2 hours with those amazing kiddos. I love them! Currently in searh of something to replace Barnes and Noble... I NEED OUT!

*Lost power for two days last week during the mini blizzard here. It was not fun. The house was fine on Wed but by Thursday the house was down to 42 degrees. We ended up staying at a hotel that nite. But Friday the power did come back.

*Been swimming... cycling... and running... building up my yardage and mileage in all areas. I know I'm not training hard core like I should be... who has the time... but at least I'm getting out there and somewaht enjoying it.

*Still on my mission to raise money for the Girls on the Run Montgomery County Council. To donate click here. It would be greatly appreciated!

Anywho... I'm off to the pool to swim!

Here we go...

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