Monday, February 21, 2011

Country Road Run 5 Miler

Country Road Run 5 Miler
Olney Maryland
February 20, 2011

Time and Pace
Time: 46:03
Pace: 9:13

Overall: 145/229
Women Overall: 33/83
Women 25 to 29: 4/8

No Garmin Data available... since the watch was not chargred up... sorry! I would have really liked to have seen the data for this race... esp elevation change!

To make a long story short... it was a tough race... due to that face I did a long run on Sat and that the hills were hell on the course. But even with that I enjoyed the race... the scenery... and that fact that the twinster was able to come out and watch it!

Here we go...

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