Are You Kidding Me???

Only 6 weeks till the National 26.2... SERIOUSLY? I've only started training for it thanks to my late 2010 clumsy running injury... a snowstorm... and more recent a cold! Oh well... I got a nice 10.5 in this early afternoon and will definitely shoot for 14 or so next Saturday and then race a 5 miler put on by the MoCo Road Runners next Sunday. Knowing me I'll turn it into an 8 miler or so... just to get the miles in.

I can't wait till (a) my cold is gone and (b) the weather warms up so I can get up to Columbia and train for Mooseman 70.3... since the terrain well ok HILLS are in similar form and fashion.

Well that's it for now!

Here we go...


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