Friday, January 14, 2011

Well... Hello!

It's me... again! Been a while since I last posted a good post... so here goes nothing.

I am now officially registered for the 2011 Pittsburgh Marathon on May 15... as you may have seen in my last brief post. Exited already cause I have quite a bit of family up there that will be out there race day supporting me... YAY! Can you believe that Pittsburgh will be my 8th marathon... gaurnteeing of course I finish National in March which will be the 7th marathon! So super duper excitingly awesome!

Been swimming and running alot lately... but well cycling has been kind of hard with the nasty cold temps and snow we've been having here in the DC area. If the winds aren't too bad Sunday... I might just bundle up and get in a short ride on the north end of Beach Drive!

Otherwise I have a my first "little" race this weekend... the Montgomery County Road Runners Shooting Starr 4 Miler. As I said "little" race... nothing to get stressed over!

More to come...

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Bethany + Ryan said...

congrats on signing up for marathon #8! and good luck with number 7! they sure add up fast, don't they?!