Friday, October 8, 2010

Nations Tri (Dissappointed) Race Report...

It's been a CRAZY past fouple of weeks but I'm finally getting some time to sit down and write up a very short and brief report from Nations Tri in DC! So without further ado...

Nations Tri
September 12, 2010
Washington, DC

Pre Race...
Poured rain from the time I got up till the race started. The rain was coming down so hard the first wave which was scheduled to go off at 7 but didn't go off till 7:25. Which meant I went off close to 9 instead of 8:30ish. It was a long wait... esp being the 25th of 32 waves. Ate my pre race bag of GU Chomps... chugged down a whole water bottle of water... and whole water bottle of Nuun while I waited.

Swim 1.5k
Was the first of 3 waves of 25 to 29 gals. Though the waves were divided there were still over a 100 gals in my wave... which meant craziness at the start. The buoys were marked every 100 meters which made it easy to know how much I had swam and how much I had to still swim. The swim was good until the 1000 meter mark. This is where I got swum over and swam over others. It was pure madness. I was happy the swim was over... but pissed off when I saw my time for the swim!

Bike 40k
Puddles and standing water all over the bike course. I couldn't even tell you where exactly we went. There were points where I was flying at 26 miles per hour and then there were points where I struggled to get up past 18 or 19 miles per hour. I played cat and mouse with this one 30 to 34 year old gal for most of the ride... though we never drafted off each other. The sharp turns were scary to say the least. I slowed down to almost a complete stop at most... making sure no one was around me when I did it. I was pretty terrified... but was blazing fast despite the road conditions.

Run 10k
The run was nice. Instead of being somewhat of an out and back like was last year... it was a huge loop. We went up Independence all the way to the Washington Monument where there was some huge Tea Party rally. It was kinda creepy have all those Tea Party people just staring at you as you ran by. After turing around just past the Monument we made our way to Hains Points for a loop di loop around it. The crowds of specators seemed to clear a bit but I got a personal specatator... my dad. He brought his bike down to follow me on the run course... and that is exactly what he did. The first half of the race I was feeling very weak... but once I hit the three mile marker and got some Gu Chomps that Nations served on the course... I felt so much stronger. The last half mile of the run my dad got in right next to me on his bike and started blabbing as I was trying to concentrate on that last part of my race. The finish was awesome... as always.

Click here to see my race photos!

Up next... Half Full Tri Race Report!

More to come...

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