I am Half Full :)

Half Full Triathlon
October 3, 2010
Ellicot City, Maryland

Swim .9 Miles
29:53 2:04 min 100 pace

Transition 1

Bike 56 (HELLISH HILLY) Miles
3:38:18 15.39 miles per hour

Transition 2

Run 13.1 (Awesomish) Miles
2:11:06 10:01 min mile pace

Overall Time

Division Place
7 out of 17 25 to 29 year old gals

Race Report to come...

More to come...


Rainmaker said…
Congrats on the race...nicely done!
Jill Costantino said…
great job Marci! Woohoo!
Colleen said…
Way to go Marci!

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