Lake Placid PIcs Round 1

There are so many pics from Lake Placid I want to share with y'all... so I'm posting them in rounds... so here's Round 1! Thanks to my bestie and number 1 cheerleader Jane Ingles for an absolute awesome job in capturing the spirit and awesomeness that Ironman brings out! Love ya girlie!

Welcome to Lake Placid!

Like My New Aero Bars???

With my Negative Split Racing buddy Khai!

With Khai... his wife... and Jane!

My Cousin Rebecca from Boston suprised me!

On the ski jump podiums... I'm bad ass and number 1!

My bib!

More to come...


I think 2012 will be my LP attempt. How's the head?
Colleen said…
You are too cute... that picture of you on the moose is my favorite so far!
Yes! great new aerobars!;-)
Amy said…
LOVE the moose photo! Despite the unfortunate ending, it looks like you had a fabulous and fun trip!

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