Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Feeling Positive and Ready to Roll

Lake Placid Countdown... 19 days!

Ok... so I must admit my training for Lake Placid hasn't been as great as it was for Coeur d'Alene... but I'm feeling positive about this Ironman. The only thing that is a bit different is that I have experience from the first one to help me achieve the second one. I know what to expect... besides a long day... know what to do and not to do prior... during... and after the big day.

Swimming wise I hit all my training goals... except for a 4000 meter swim straight through which I will do this week. My upper body isn't quite as strong as it was for Coeur d'Alene... but I've managed over the past few weeks to pull myself together in the water. Expect a decent swim in Mirror Lake July 25.

Biking I hit only a few goals... meaning I never got any 100 milers in. But seriously it's ok. I CAN do this bike thing. I got several 75 milers in so at least I have alot long rides under my belt. My gearing has come along way... so bring on the hills and mountains of Lake Placid and it's surrounding areas July 25.

Running wise I exceeded my goals. I actually got a 20 miler in this time... for Coeur d'Alene the most I did was 17. So that's an accomplishment right there! My running speed has slowed down dramatically... but it's distance... i'm gonna be slower. Expect a good run July 25 through the hills and shadeless course on July 25.

Overall I'm ready for my BIG DAY... all I need to now is get through this last week of hard training... and wait for my bib number to come up.

More to come...


Bethany + Ryan said...

woo hoo!!! great job! we are excited for you !

rebecca said...

Great attitude, I am so proud to hear you going into the race with such a positive outlook. You can totally do this and I am thrilled that you know it!!
much love and support from my end :)


Isn't it amazing the power of knowledge?? It is hard to convey to someone that hasn't done an Ironman that it isn't really that bad and you really don't have to put in a gadzillion miles.

Looking forward to the race report. LP is probably 2011 or 12 for me.

TRI-james said...

It sounds like you are ready. Your prior experience will pay off on the big day!