Wednesday, June 9, 2010

One At A Time... Earth Day 5k

Now that I've raced a few more times since the Athens Ohio Marathon... it's time to start writing up my race reports for those races. I know it's getting kinda later but first on the list...

Earth Day 5k
April 18, 2010
Silver Spring, Maryland
9 am Start Time

My Goal... Under 24 Minutes
My Actual Time... 24:05

I ran this race in 2009 as part of the Pacers Race Series... and being the race out of my home Pacers... I had no choice but to do it again. Earlier that morning... around 7 to be exact... I volunteered at Packet Pickup... as part of my commitment to being a Pacers Ambassador. I managed to get through the craziness that Packet Pickup was and got an almost 2 mile warm up run in all before 8:45 am. At 8:50ish I made my way to the start line on Ellsworth to get myself set up in the right place. At 9 am the gun went off. With the first mile or so of the course being downhill I knew to take the downhills on Cedar and Wayne conservatively... which I did. I was doing great... under a 7 minute mile pace... only hoping I could keep it that way for the rest of the race... yeah right! Down Cedar... down Wayne... left onto Sligo Creek Parkway. About halfway down the top runners were coming up the trail on their second half of the race. Oh so lucky them... only a little bit until they would be attacking Wayne Ave. At the turnaround to get on the Sligo Creek Trail I was handed a cup of water. Though it was chilly that morning I had some and poured the rest over my head. The part on the trail was nicely shaded and I noticed I was on track for my goal. That was until I made the right off the trail onto Wayne... getting ready to attack that hill. The hill wasn't so nice to me. After practicing the hill so many times... doing repeat after repeat up it... the hill kicked my butt. I mean I passed dozens of runners... but it still kicked my butt and took every ounce of energy out of my body for the finish. Oh and did I mention I got passed by a 13 year old fellow runner of mine up Wayne... it sucked. As I turned the corner onto Cedar... mom was there to cheer me into the finish. I tried my best to attack the last part of the race but legs did not have the energy to do so. I would have to live with a 24 minute 5k for the first time in 2 years. I failed to reach my goal... but still had a fun anyways.

Sue and Connie's Four Miler Race Report to come up next...

More to come...

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