This Week In Training...

Lake Placid Countdown... 1 month 3 weeks 3 days... so CLOSE I can smell it!

Thanks to not being able to log into my blog for about a week... due to suspicious activity going on... I haven't been able to post anything. I said a week ago I would have the Athens Marathon and Earth Day 5k race reports up... well it is now pushed back to tomorrow. I also raced yesterday so I will also include the Sue and Connie's Four Miler Race Report. But as always... here is another HECTIC week in the life of my Ironman training.

Monday May 31
Montogmery County Road Runners Sue and Connie's Four Miler in Rockville
The Goal: Get through the Heat... the Hills... and the Humidity

Tuesday June 1

Alaska 16th Street Before Pacers
Pacers Route with Pacers

Wednesday June 2
Run in the AM
Fun Run with Pacers (route to be decided)

300 Free
10x50s Choice
4x150s Pull
Breathe Control 3/5/3
4 Times Through
150 Swim
100 Free/50 Choice
2x75s Free
150 Pull
Breathe Control 5/3/5
2x75s Kick
200 Easy Cool Down
4000 Yards

Run in the PM
Montgomery County Road Runners Track Workout

Thursday June 3
500 Swim
75 Free/25 Choice
25 Drill/25 Kick
4x150s Pull
Breathe Control 3/5/3
Two Times 4x300s
300 Fast
3x100s Pace
6x50s Build
Odd- Fast
Even- Easy
200 Easy with Pull Buoy
4200 Yards

Two Loops of the North End of Beach Drive
~28 Miles

Friday June 4
400 Free
8x75s Build
Four Times Through
400 Free Negative Split
200 IM @ Even Pace
100 Free Fast
200 Easy with Pull Buoy
4000 Yards

Three Loops of the North End of Beach Drive
~42 Miles

Saturday June 5
Off Day

Sunday June 6
Montgomery County Road Runners Capital Cresent 5k in Bethesda
Goal: Run it in UNDER 24 Min... no matter what!

75 Miles on Beach Drive

More to come...


Cant wait to hear about Placid. I am thinking of putting it on the 2011 calender.
TRI-james said…
Race day will be here before you know it!

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