It was Hilly... Hot... and Humid... Sue and Connie's Four Miler

This next race I ran was one I also ran last year and was hoping to better my time. On Memorial Day 2010... I got up bright and early after a working a closing shift at work to tackle the heat... the hills... and the humidity of Montgomery County Road Runners Sue and Connie's Four Miler!

Sue and Connie's Four Miler
Rockville, Maryland
8 am Start Time

My Goal... Break 30 minutes
My Actual Time... 32:49

As soon as I walked outside the house to the car I knew the race was going to be tough. I hadn't been standing outside for more than 1 minute when I was already sweating blood and tears from the near 100% humidity. As I was driving to the race I found out lows were in the high 70s that morning... great... just what I needed! I arrived at the elementary school around 7 to warm up... chat it up with my fellow MoCo Road Runners... and most importantly continue to hydrate. As I made my way to the start line I met another Pacer Ambassador who hails from Northern Virginia. We talked and talked... until the gun went off. The first 1/4 mile was downhill... take it conservatively... you'll need the energy for the end of the race going up the hill. Down the street then a left into the shade on the trail. Turn right and head to the first turnaround. As soon as I got on the trail my pace started to slow up... I knew it wasn't going to be my day at all. I barely passed anyone... instead I got passed by many. Then after the turnaround it was alongway to the other end of the trail for the second turn around and the only aid station on the course. As I saw my fellow runner buddies I thumbed up at them... all to tell them nice job and keep it going. I finally got to the other turnaround which meant only a little over a mile left of the race. The cup of water went partially in my mouth but mostly over my head. I tried to take in the last part of my race and focus on just finishing in one piece. Up the hill to get off the trail. Then... the massive uphill we had all been waiting for. Unlike the hill at Aprils Earth Day 5k... I kicked this hills butt and showed it who was boss. I made it... I made it! Fast and swift into the finish. As always it was good to be done!

Coming up next... the Capital Crescengt 5k race report!

More to come...


Colleen said…
Ooooh... love the new blog! :)

I'm loving your race reports. You've been doing awesome, depsite the hills, the heat and anything else thrown at you. Keep it up girl!

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