Hot and Humid as Heck... Capital Cresent 5k

Again... a race I ran last year and wanted to see if I could better that time. Always a funtabulous race that gets a great draw for all abilities from the top runners to the walkers. This is the last tune up road race I ran in prep for this Sunday's Washington DC Triathlon.

Capital Crescent 5k
Bethesda, Maryland
7:45 am Start Time

My Goal: Anything Under 24
My Actual Time: 23:52

Again... a few days after racing Sue and Connie's I decided to tie up the laces and get another free MoCo Road Runner race in. Just like lately... the forecast for this short race was hot and humid... I felt bad for those running longer races and runs that morning. Just so I could get a parking spot right in the lot near the Capital Crescent in Bethesda... I dragged Julie (the twinster) out of bed super early to be at the start line by 6:45 am. As Julie went to get herself some bagels I ran my 2 mile warm up... or should I say my 2 mile sweat session. I knew as I was warming up... the weather conditions would make for a very tough race. As it got near the start time... I stayed over near the start line to watch the little kids 1/4 mile and 1/2 mile races with Julie. After those were over I made my way to find my spot at the start. There were so many people that I didn't know where to place myself. I saw a girl with a IM Lake Placid sports bra on... decided to go over... talk to her... and make that my starting spot. As the gun went off... I started to fight my through the crowds to get into a nice comfortable pace. The first half... downhill. I hufffed and puffed... and managed to run a nice hard 7:15 avg pace until the turnaround. After the turnaround though... it was all uphill to the finish... CRAP... thats a reason I hate this race with a dying passion. From the turnaround to the finish wasn't anywhere near easy. I watched my Garmin the whole way back... seeing my avg pace slow down to a near 7:45 min mile avg. I wasn't going to let that happen. The finish was a hard push... past several runners... with my fellow MoCo Road Runners cheering me on. So happy that the race was over and I finally broke that 24 minute mark again.

Oh and tomorrow is a big training day for me... 2 1/2 to 3 miles in the pool... 112 mile bike ride... followed by a two hour brick run... should be FUN :)

More to come...


IronHoosier said…
Whoaaaaaa sounds like you have an amazing day ahead of you, hope it all goes as planned and I hope to read all about it..:-)

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