Mentally... I'm Ready...

For tomorrow... that is. It will be yet another day of long workouts... swimming in the a.m. and running in the p.m. My swim workout looks something like this...

600 Free
200 Pull
200 Kick
4x75s (Odd- Free Even-Free/Choice/Free)
10x125s (Odd- Free Even- 75 Free/50 Choice)
5x250s Free
200 Easy (50 Free/50 Choice)

I think if you add it all up it comes out to roughly 4000 yards. This will be my longest swim of the year.

Then later in the p.m. will be my longest run since the Athens Ohio Marathon. The plan calls for 10ish miles or so. I'll go out before running with Pacers and do either Alaska Loop, Alaska Out and Back, or Grubb Out and Back... followed by whatever the Pacers route is for the evening. But if for some reason Pacers does any actual trail runs I'm staying on the road... most likely alone.

Can tomorrow please come... I just want to get this training done!

More to come...


Mel-2nd Chances said…
Hope you had a great swim! :)

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