Dedicating the Miles

On Sunday Nov 22... when running the Philadelphia Marathon... I have decided to dedicate each mile of the race to those who have helped me reach my goals for this marathon! Without further ado... here's who each mile will go out to...

Mile 1 Julie Goldberg
Mile 2 Jane Ingles
Mile 3 Josh Becker
Mile 4 Brian Brode
Mile 5 Shelley McKee
Mile 6 Matt Fullenbaum
Mile 7 Cortney Phillips and Rebecca Feinberg
Mile 8 Bruce and Dorothy Goldberg
Mile 9 Alan Goldberg
Mile 10 Ruth Goldberg
Mile 11 Bessie Roth
Mile 12 Gerald Jackson
Mile 13 Dave Young
Mile 14 Ken Pipkin
Mile 15 Pacers Running Store (Silver Spring)
Mile 16 Montogomery County Road Runners Club
Mile 17 Negative Split Racing
Mile 18 Mary Green
Mile 19 Chris Fominaya and Amy Reinink
Mile 20 Anne Adelman
Mile 21 Rachel Ritvo
Mile 22 Rona Hart
Mile 23 Andrea Longini
Mile 24 Tasha Fitzgibbons
Mile 25 All my Twitter Tweeps
Mile 26 All my Blogger Peeps
Mile 26.2 ME

More to come...


Very cool! Thanks for the email..I will totally add you to the list. I know there are a few Bloggers running Philly this weekend so be sure to check out the list..
Heidi Austin said…
cool idea :) and good luck at philly! looks like good running weather so far !
Mel-2nd Chances said…
very cool! Enjoy Philly, can't wait to hear about it!
I LOVED this post and IDEA!!!GOOD LUCK @ your marathon!!!
Rainmaker said…
That's very cool - hopefully our good vibes will get you through that last mile.
celmore said…
Have a great race!!!
Bethany + Ryan said…
Hi, saw ur name on tall mom's "high five list." Good luck this weekend! U will rock it! I'm going to start following ur blog as u train for Lake Placid! I just did my first 70.3 this past summer and am planning on doing my first 140.6 in 2012 (2010 too broke, 2011 getting married, 2012 just right). GOOD LUCK THIS WEEKEND! I ran the philly hald in 2006, beautiful course!
Molly said…
good luck on the marathon, what a great way to give thanks!

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