Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Sligo and Smoothies

I just got back from the most amazing and fantastic run ever with Pacers Fun Runners in Silver Spring. Tonite's route called for Sligo Out and Back to Dennis Ave. Since it was a sweltering hot day in the DC... the shaded trails were a great place to run this evening. I went out with the 9 minute mile pace group... me and another dude who ran out to Dennis Ave... but ended up running the back to the store with this one other gal on the back from Dennis Ave part. My minute mile splits were as followed...


Not to shabby... eh?

After the run it was off to Smoothie King with the gal I ran back to the store with Neicy for a Strawberry Kiwi Breeze smoothie... good times I tell ya!

More to come...


Wearing Mascara said...

Oh man this post made me miss Silver Spring... I miss Sligo!

Missy said...

Nice running! I melted out there too yesterday. Blech.

TRI-james said...

The heat was punishing here in MS also.

Heidi Austin said...

yum smoothie king! that heat will do it to ya fo sure :)