No Stopping Me...

Nothing stopped me from hitting the pool this am for a swim. Yesterday my cuts and burises from my crash allowed me to quit at 300 yards... today no quitting or giving in! I wasn't fast and I wasn't slow... more like moderate today in the pool. The flip turns, kicking, and pushing off the wall weren't nearly as painful as yesterday... I am glad to report. I only swam 2200 yards but it was a good feeling 2200 yards.

3x150 50 Fr/ 50 Non Fr/ 50 Fr
3x100 Pull
3x50 Moderate Kick

8x50 Fr Drill w/ Pull Buoy
Right Arm, Left Arm, Catch Up, Fist

1x800 Fr Moderate Pace

1x100 Ez Fr w/ Pull Buoy

Wish me good vibes as I run tonite with Pacers for the fun run! I hope nothing stops me from it... even the nice ugly scars on my knees!

More to come...


Missy said…
Sometimes, just a 'nice' swim is what you need!
Amy said…
Hey, in some circles, scars are cool! Own 'em! They've got a great story to tell!

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