Friday, June 19, 2009

Dextro Energy Triathlon- Elite Athlete Preview...

Sunday June 21 at 9:10 am after the age groupers make their way through the waters of the Potomac and bike and run their way through the heart of DC... the Elite Triathletes will do the same. The couse... a very spectator friendly one will call for multiple loops as follows from the Dextro website...

Swim - 2 loops

The swim takes place in the beautiful and majestic Potomac River with a dive start from the swim platform in the shadow of the Lincoln Memorial. Elite athletes must exit after the first swim lap, run across the swim platform, then dive in for lap 2.

Bike - 8 loops

The bike route is one of the most spectacular in all of triathlon taking place in the heart of Washington, DC. The route takes competitors down Pennsylvania Avenue past The National Archives, Canadian Embassy, Old Post Office Pavilion, Ronald Reagan Center, Newseum and up Constitution Avenue past Congress, The Supreme Court and The Library of Congress. These 8 bike loops swing through the finish line arena each time giving spectators an unbelievable view of the energy and action!

Run - 4 loops

The run loop is unprecedented with competitors completing 4 loops entirely on Pennsylvania Avenue! With the Capitol building on one end and The White House on the other competitors will race down the heart of American's Main Street and loop each time through the finish line arena before finishing on Pennsylvania Avenue at 11th St NW. The run route has a deceiving grade each way that provides for an uphill finish.

For the list of athletes competing... including 9 American Men and 9 American Women... click here. Should be some good racing.

Should be some great racing as the Elites strut their stuff.

More to come...

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Missy said...

Wow, that would be one to see for sure! Look at all those big names!!!